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Buying real estate in today's market is a great idea. There has never been a better time to purchase your dream home. In 2021 (and early 2022), real estate was getting bid up to crazy valuations that were, quite frankly, unsustainable. Going into the 2023 real estate market, the number of listings has greatly increased from the high mortgage rates. Sellers are more apt to making a deal. And best of all, BUYERS HAVE THE POWER. We here at RRE have an amazing mortgage program with one of our preferred lenders and can get you into a home for much less, making buying real estate affordable again, even in this high rate environment. 

As someone who worked for a hedge fund, we are used to intense negotiations to get our buyers the best deal. Couple that with a favorable buyers market, and there is the possibility to get your dream home at a discount. We also have the following advantages that most firms don't:

- Preferred lenders with a program that can potentially save 1.5-2% interest on mortgage rates. That's right. Almost 2%. That's hundreds of dollars in savings each month. 

- A handyman team that can fix up your home before you move in for a great price, get repair items, or get quotes to force prices even lower during the transaction

- A great group of law firms to keep the transaction seamless


And many more advantages. So before you just casually call any agent, talk to us today and see how we can help you achieve your goal of owning a home in 2023! Fill out the form below, leave us a message on the website, or give us a call!


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