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About Our Firm

Matt started his firm to raise the bar in real estate. His background in engineering helps him think through problems differently with an analytical approach that clients love. We know contracts backwards and forwards and know the Charlotte area extremely well. We would love to help you with your sale! 


Originally hailing from Buffalo New York, Matt Ruggiero is a real estate professional with a particular focus on investors and people looking to relocate to Charlotte. He knows what it means to move to a new city and can help pick the perfect area for you!


Armed with a dedication to transparency, a background in engineering, and an outstanding knowledge of the business, Matt caters to his customers throughout the Charlotte metro with a creative and innovative approach on quest to help them seize great opportunities. Matt achieved the sale of his 300th house in 2019 and the 500th house in 2021 continues to help people buy and sell their homes. 


When helping clients search for their new home, Matt values professionalism, being on time, and always strives to serve his customers with reliable working ethics.




Matt worked under Michael Bowman at Bowman Real Estate for three years, where he learned about the business and helped buy and sell more than 300 single family homes. The high volume taught him a great deal about proper negotiations, contract techniques, and putting the client first in all things. It then became time to break out on his own and start Ruggiero Real Estate. 

Matt has a passion for helping investors, but can take that fierce negotiation technique into retail home buying as well! Not only will you get the best deal possible on your home, but he will fight for you every step of the way.



Matt has wife Lisa, a daughter named Bria, two sons named Owen and Caleb, and dogs Penny and Dexter. Penny is a Scotch Collie, a rare breed of short haired Collie, and Dexter is a mixed breed that he rescued from the SPCA back in Minnesota.


Matt attended Virginia Tech to study engineering and Lisa got her Nursing Masters from Duke University. They love to travel, hike, go backpacking, bike, and go to breweries. Matt is a Buffalo Bills fan and they both love the Minnesota Wild.

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