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Matt's Real Estate Journey

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Matt started his professional career in 2005, studying to be a mining engineer at Virginia Tech. After graduating in 2010, he worked in various salt mines as a project engineer building lots of cool mining equipment. Eventually, small mining towns started to wear on him and he began looking for a job in a bigger city.

in 2013, 3M (the company who makes post-it notes and like 50,000 other cool products) got interested in Matt and his unique skill set. They were making up a new mining division and needed his insights and engineering prowess. Matt assisted in turning over 50 current 3M products and making them more mining-friendly. He traveled the US to various mines to show people what awesome things 3M products could do.

Matt and His Next Adventure

Then, tragedy struck as the mining industry began a downturn in 2015. 3M decided to get out of mining and let everyone in the division go. Instead of looking for the next job in St. Paul, Minnesota, he decided to move first and find a job second. He chose the beautiful city of Charlotte, North Carolina.

While looking for a job he drove for Uber, the ride sharing company. One day he picked up a real estate agent who had a broken down car. The appointment took somewhere around an hour and a half, where Matt drove him all over town and got to know this agent. The agent told Matt that he would make an amazing real estate agents, especially working with investors. With his background, engineering training, and problem solving abilities, the agent told him that he could impress investors and home buyers alike. Ever since this day, Matt began his transition into the real estate world.

So while Matt is a lot different than your typical real estate agent, he hopes it's in a good way! He thinks differently, does things differently, and approaches problems like an engineer would. This puts him apart from others in his field.

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